Thursday, 27 October 2016

'The Place'

Hi There!

I know I do short and sweet posts with not a lot of writing but warning alert, a little moany-groan coming up... skip ahead to the photos if you like, promise I won't mind lol xx

I've not had much of an online presence recently and I apologise for that. I'm finding that the mojo is still seriously lacking. At first I thought it was because it took up so much time, it was like having  full time job without the pay (and it shouldn't feel like that), then I was missing out out rushing my son's bedtime so I could get downstairs to carry on. In the end enough was enough, that really was my last straw. I only get one son, one child. I'm making this time with him count. So I cut back on commitments, which helped but then summer came and I just wanted to be outside with the family... How do others do it? I see them with the glorious family snapshots, amazing artwork and on about six DTs.. ahh pipe dream. 

Anyway, slowly building up my arty buzz again. I thought I'd start with entering a challenge, and where better than Prima. I adore all of their products and a good chance to use up my stash which seems to grow.

So I'm throwing my hat in for the CAT challenge:

I will keep this part short and sweet :) and just give you the close ups. They're always my favourite part! As always texture and mixed media play a wonderfully happy role when I create.

Here is the sketch for Prima's CAT for October:

As always thank you stopping by and I'm planning on making some time over the next week to catch up on all my wonderful artsy friends blogs - I've missed you all!



Friday, 14 October 2016

'Fillis Maris' - Ancient Journal

Hi everyone!!

Some exciting news... I'm up on Sandra Everton's Relics and Artifacts 'Muse' blog today as their Guest Ambassador!!

Crazy.. right??

So excited to be there and such a huge honour to say the least.. But without further ado, please see my sneaky sneak peek using their fabulous pieces and as always if you have time please go and check it out!!


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